Continual Trickle Ventilation

When speaking to customers, the most common issue which comes up is their current extractor fan is inefficient at clearing the condensation in their homes. The most common extractor fans are activated by light switch or pull-cord, the issue with the manual design of the fan is that they only switch on when you tell them too. If you forget to turn it on before a shower, condensation will build up in your bathroom, causing mould build-up.

What makes Vapourflow extraction fans unique is that our fans run continuously on trickle mode, and are constantly detecting the absolute humidity in your home so any change to humidity levels will cause the fan to switch into high-speed mode. This is a much more effective solution as it’s lowering humidity in the background, and able to react automatically to any sudden changes in humidity.

The basis for our system is using a cross-flow of air throughout your home, for example a Dryvent in the kitchen would be continuously extracting humid, stale air and a WAD in the bathroom would be continuously replacing it with fresh, dry air. The trickle mode on our fans is extremely quiet, but immensely effective at keeping your home dryer and therefore warmer.

I’m sure you can agree an automatic fan which detects humidity and runs based on the specific environment within your home is great! But how much will this cost? Well I have good news, our fans are energy efficient with the Dryvent range costing £7-£10 per annum, and the WAD range costing around £65 per annum. Which at around £6.25 a month is cost of two coffees at your local coffee shop.

Another aspect of continuous ventilation which is often overlooked is that by drying out the air within a property, using a WAD fan, will reduce the cost of heating your home, as dry air uses less energy to heat up. So as well as the fans being low cost to run, having a Vapourflow cross-flow ventilation system will reduce the cost of heating your home.

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