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Property Survey/Review Considerations

The implementation of a moisture control ventilation system into your home requires a review of the extent of dampness, and condensation issues, then consideration to the direction of airflow aligned to this moisture issues, as well as the number and type of units  to make an effective long term solution. The factors that relate to […]


Prologue   VapourFlow carry out installations as a professional service for ventilation devices in the home. This is not a competitive arrangement, you will likely find a more economical solution to install! As a manufacturing Company we will support your decision.  See our links on our website giving advice on different aspects of installation. When […]

Damp and condensation – don’t always believe what you are told about ‘rising damp’!

Have you ever received a surveyor’s or a damp-contractors report only for your heart to sink when you read that they have found evidence of rising damp? Perhaps you have been told that your only (expensive!) course of action to remove damp is to chip off the plaster, inject chemicals into the wall, leave it […]

Condensation control using Warm Air Dehumidification

A new range of fans have been introduced that provide powerful yet low cost condensation control and dehumidification, this is achieved by the use of intake and extract ventilation combined with a heat source. In this case we have combined an extractor and intake fan and enabled the pair to fit on to a standard […]