Vapourflow Limited Product Service and Warranty Information

You have chosen to buy a ventilation product from Vapourflow Limited, a company that will provide telephone support. Our staff are available to advise you with any query related to your order, delivery or technical descriptive.

Vapourflow Limited Product and Installation Warranty:

Two year product warranty against faulty equipment failure from the date of purchase when installed by a professional person.

Vapourflow Limited Product and Installation Warranty for Housing Associations:

Two year replacement warranty against any faulty equipment failure from the date of purchase or project completion* (when installed by Qualified person)

For all service and warranty enquiries please contact Vapourflow Limited head office on 01491 410170 or and quote your product order/invoice number.


Statutory Rights, Warranties, Repairs, Replacements & Provision of Services

1  Vapourflow Limited will fulfil its legal obligations to repair and/or replace Vapourflow Limited Products. These obligations are dependent upon proper use of Products and do not cover any parts of Products which have been modified or repaired without Vapourflow Limited’s prior written consent.

2  Vapourflow Limited’s obligations do not apply if a defect is caused by an external cause such as fair wear and tear, an accident, hazard, electrical stress or other environmental conditions not commonly found in a home or office environment.

3  Vapourflow Limited will use all reasonable endeavours to meet estimated service and/or warranty response times, but actual timings may vary depending, among other factors, on the remoteness or accessibility of Customer’s location, weather conditions & availability of components. Notwithstanding the above, the following are excluded: removal of non- Vapourflow Limited supplied products, preventative maintenance, repairs to Products that are functioning within industry standards. Customer is responsible for removal of non-Vapourflow Limited supplied products.

4  Customer must provide Vapourflow Limited with all reasonable courtesy, information & cooperation to enable Vapourflow Limited to deliver services and shall be responsible for all telephone & postal charges in contacting Vapourflow Limited.

5  A call out charge will apply for VapourFlow on site warrantee replacement items, this will be proportionate to distant and travel time to reach the installation site

6  Vapourflow Limited owns any Vapourflow Limited Product or parts that are removed during warranty repair. Vapourflow Limited may require Customer to return removed parts to Vapourflow Limited for analysis and testing.

7  If Customer does not return removed parts Vapourflow Limited then may charge a fee of which Customer will be informed prior to charge. The fee will reflect the cost incurred by Vapourflow Limited in retrieving the part(s).

8  The charge referred to in 7 above will not apply to Customers returning defective parts which have been replaced in accordance with statutory rights.

9. Final Payment Clause: On completion of installation works, the final payment is required upon installation, an invoice will be raised with full payment being immediately due.

9.1.In the event payment is not received within 2 working days following completion of works, then the 2nd year of the material and installation Guarantee will be extinguished.

10. Card details will be held on file until completion of insulation, on agreed completion the final payment will be taken for the cards, the card details will then be erased from our company records

11. Existing equipment: All existing equipment that is removed or being replaced during installation will be removed/destroyed and disposed of by the installers, unless written request is made prior to the time of the installation.

12. Unforeseen conditions that become or develop during the installation process are chargeable at cost, these will be reported as and if they occur directly to the customer.


*Valid with Warranty Certificate issued on confirmation of project completion date