VapourFlow carry out installations as a professional service for ventilation devices in the home. This is not a competitive arrangement, you will likely find a more economical solution to install!

As a manufacturing Company we will support your decision. 

See our links on our website giving advice on different aspects of installation.

When making your decision on who will install the devices to control the moisture environment in your home, it is worth remembering your property maybe 100 or more years old or modern, what ever the case, it is expected to be in existence as a home for at least another 100 years. Consider the long term impact.

Your Choice

We will carry out an installation after we have surveyed your property, this will validate the solution and provide location and detail of the products to be installed. In the event the quotation is not accepted or you would prefer an alternative installer, you will then have the template to guide you through to a successful solution

Advantages of choosing VapourFlow to install directly are;

  1. You have a Guarantee for product and installation that covers two years from installation date.
  2. As VapourFlow manufacture the products, and have given you the home solution, we have direct responsibility to you for the installation and the operation of the system
  3. The installation is a multi trade application, from qualified electrician to core cutting through walls with minimum disruption
  4. You will be safe in the knowledge we are here for you, now and in the future, providing protection of your installation with direct home product support, we stay with the job!
  5. This is a safe choice that will give peace of mind before and after completion.
  6. This is an Installation offer from an experienced company identifying with your needs

Note: we have a transparent costing process for installations, the cost of the installation will also include the time & distance from our base in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire


  1. Simon Peel says:

    Hi there,

    I came across your details from Heritage House. We’re in the process of buying a house in Cheltenham that has a few damp issues. It’s approximately 150 years old and we’re obviously keen to address the problems. It’s been suggested that mechanical ventilation could be a solution. So after some digging I found your company came highly recommended.

    I’d be interested in speaking with you to see if we can arrange for a survey and a quote to resolve the issues. We’d be looking at addressing the immediate issues but also creating greater ventilation throughout the building. Please could you let me know if this is something you might be able to help with

    Many thanks

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