If you Insulate, you need to Ventilate

With modern life and building practices, properties are becoming more airtight for ‘thermal efficiency’, which while true, its also a false economy. By trapping the warm air in the property, you are also keeping in all the moisture; the main issue with this is that air with high water vapour content takes much more energy to heat. By controlling the humidity levels, you can increase the thermal efficiency of the air, which when paired with the correct
insulation, can see real savings in energy bills.

Our method for ventilation is to use a crossflow ventilation system; in essence this is the use of both intake and extract units, that work in unison to create a system that reduces internal humidity levels, and then maintains them at those levels; whilst being able to react to any sudden increases due to cooking or bathing. The foremost areas we need to address are the
bathroom and kitchen, as these are the main producers of humidity.
To create this system, we use two types of units, these are:

Warm Air Dehumidifiers: During normal operation, these provide fresh, dry air into the property, which is dried by a 200W when the incoming air temperature drops below 14C, and can turn to extract automatically during times of high humidity.

Dryvent: The Dryvent range is a continual low speed extractor, which switches to high speed during times of high humidity or via a light switch if connected.

These units work in tandem, with the Dryvent constantly creating a negative pressure, and the WAD continuously creating positive pressure. As air is always looking to equalise itself out, it will be attracted toward the negative pressure, carrying any water vapour within it, and then being expelled by the Dryvent. We have models of each for both the bathroom and kitchen,
along with the more discreet inline models for attics, cupboards, and any other voids.

Whatever your circumstances, we can help to provide the ventilation to suit. If you would like to discuss what units are best for yourself, please fill in our Consultation form (https://www.vapourflow.com/consultation/free-consultation/) or book a Premium consultation

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