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Wine Cellar Ventilation

Following on from our previous blog on Subterranean Ventilation (, the needs of a cellar to be able to store wine are more complex, yet very achievable with a change to our standard cellar ventilation system. The storage of wine requires the control of two main parameters; the temperature and humidity. The ideal temperature range […]

Cellar & Subterranean Ventilation Guide

With the increased need for living space within existing properties, there has been a surge in the conversion of subterranean areas. With this surge, there has been a higher need for the correct ventilation to both dry and control the humidity issues that are prevalent within these areas. The needs of subterranean ventilation are more […]

Communally Ducted Ventilation Systems: Smart Smoke Protection and Automatic Mechanical Balancing

Communal ducting servicing numerous dwellings are widespread across the country, and although have their benefits, can also lead to issues. The main issues being faced are; smoke spreading through the ducting, with the possibility of smoke migrating into other dwellings; and the balancing of the system, especially when updating the mechanical parts. Smart Smoke Protection […]