Property Review/Survey for Air Moisture Control including Installation Solution

The onsite review of your property will enable an experienced professional within ventilation system design, to evaluate your home.

The evaluation considers the use of the home, along with the known breathability condition of the dwelling envelope.

Account is taken of the flow of air in and out of the property, along with the flow of Air & Water Vapour that is driven by high and low water vapour pressure.

Consideration is also given to the dwelling height above or below ground and the implications of the geographical location.

Evidence of mould and interstitial vapour issues are considered, some are obvious and others well hidden.

You will probably have had building survey reports, some commercially orientated, some professional, all will focus on the building element in concern and if well written and understood, provide details and references to that specific condition. In these times most owners have been savvy enough to research the web and discover the conflict of interests as different parties jostle for position in persuading the home owner to a particular mind set. They will always have a common agreement that a good ventilation arrangement is required to decant the moisture build up in the air.

The balance on what is to be done, and where to use your precious resources will be challenging at best. Whatever your decision, the long term solution will require a moisture removal arrangement to balance the moisture producing elements in your home.

These factors are all part of the survey consideration, a fine line exists between systems and installation elements, when installed, the ventilation system will work 24/7 in the background for you and your home, year on year, without user adjustment.

The Vapour Flow systems quantify the installed solution with the ability to monitor the solution via a built in data logger of humidity, temperature plus automatic adjustments. These are available using the vapourflow App with a suitable Smart Phone

2 thoughts on “Property Review/Survey for Air Moisture Control including Installation Solution

  1. Philippe Lauret says:

    Hi there,

    I would like to organise a telephone consultation for a property review/survey for Air Moisture Control including Installation Solution. I have previously had email exchange with Peter and Ray advising me to opt for a WAD inline and Dryvent Inline solution.

    Thank you,

    Philippe Lauret
    39 Fengates Road
    RH1 6AQ

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