Condensation Control Foundation System

The system will provide preconditioned air (slightly warmed when external air is below 14ºC) through a bathroom vent then on to the rest of the dwelling. When the bathroom is in use the unit extracts air, the bathroom use triggered by the light switch and or auto humidity detection.
The kitchen unit extracts continuously with automatic control from low to high, this provides continuous moisture decanting with low level air exchange across your home.
The addition of Vapour Vent in other parts of your property affected by condensate enables moisture control through this passive device, the migrating moisture via a foam membrane, allowing high internal vapour pressure to pass to lower external vapour pressure (when colder externally). This avoids open cold air vent in your bedroom.
The solution provides a BluRay 150 fan in the kitchen which is buried 200cm into the wall, with its subtle design it will not look out of place in your kitchen. Another benefit of our subsurface BluRay fan is the exceptionally low noise level. Installation of this unit will require a circular hole of 160mm cut through the wall at high level.
The bathroom unit will be a surface mounted WAD 100, to use this unit it is best to be positioned outside of zone 1 (electrical regulations), Zone 2 & 3 are fine as the WAD 100 unit is IP54 (Ingres Protection Level 5,4). This Warm Air Dehumidifier can also be used in Zone 1 on the provision a 30ma Residual Current Device (RCD) is used to protect the circuit in this zone.
This unit will provide supply air across a 200 watt heater, this conditions the air and take the chill off, whilst this unit is not warm up the bathroom the air replacement will make the air dryer, which is more insulating and feels warmer. The unit will need Live Neural and switched live + earth. The switch live comes from the bathroom light switching live, when this is activated the fan reverses and goes in to extract, this then enables the Autostat to sense the air and keep extracting at a higher level as moisture is being created. A 112mm hole is required for this unit, we supply ducting and external grille.
The Vapour Vent provides a passive solution, we recommend the 125mm unit requiring a 130mm hole to cut through the wall at high level. The unit contains a Bi Sponge live material that stops fast air movement and attracts water vapour. The water vapour in the air sees this as the coolest point and passes moisture through the sponge 24/7. It is a great supplementary system to the cross ventilation flow created by our fan system, excellent for night time moisture and attracting moisture within the same room.

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